ModLAB.RC4558P Malaysia Clone Mod

ModLAB. RC4558P Malaysia Clone Mod 808
ModLAB. RC4558P Malaysia Clone Mod 808
ModLAB. RC4558P Malaysia Clone Mod 808

The TS-808 is a legend.
It is still produced with the same circuit, but it does not sound the same.

The legendary TS-808 has a chip labeled “RC4558P MALAYSIA”.
Only a limited number of these were made with this chip.
This chip is very important and valuable.

So, is the “RC4558P MALAYSIA” chip the only important one?
I don’t think so.
Other semiconductors are also important, of course.
Transistors and FETs.
Especially the blue striped diode determines the texture of the clipping tone.

To get the legendary sound, I replaced all those parts of the current product.
The new Old Stock (NOS) actual early 1980s diodes, transistors, FETs, and chip of the exact type used in an old TS-808.
And I am also replacing the capacitors that have been changed to cheapo economy type.
The film capacitors are the same brand NOS, and the electrolytic capacitors are the best match from the lineup that the same brand still produces.

ModLAB. “RC4558P Malaysia Clone Mod” is the closest thing to the legendary TS-808.
I continue to collect parts, but it is very difficult to get all these parts together.
I will not be able to keep making this.
If you want more than this, you will have to get the real thing with all the right requirements.



9V battery
3.5mm Tip Positive 9VDC supply